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I'm human, just like you.

Experiencing pain is part of being human, and I believe that it's less about forcing yourself to feel differently, and more about being with exactly how you feel in a compassionate way. Welcoming the darkness and the light, the mess and the beauty, the joy and the sadness, and all that's in between.

I've experienced pain and suffering. I'm not perfect. And I'm still learning and growing every single day! I can't take away what you're struggling with, and I won't have all of the answers for you, but I'll do my best to offer you grounded-ness amongst the storm.


I'm here to support you through all of life's highs and lows. I aim to be a mirror for you, reflecting back to you what's already within: your own power and your own wisdom.


Margaret Davis, MS, LPCC

My Therapeutic Approach

I'm passionate about working with: anxiety & chronic worry, relationship conflicts/dating/break-ups, highly sensitive individuals, self-esteem, and life transitions. 

I view therapy as a relationship, and an equal partnership. We're teammates in this healing process. I meet you where you're at and allow you to set the pace of the sessions and your own journey. You're in the driver's seat, and I trust that you know where to take us. My therapeutic style is warm, genuine, and casual. 


I see you as a human being, not a diagnosis or a problem that needs to be fixed. I'm here to accept and welcome all parts of you, while encouraging you to do the same for yourself. :) I offer LGBTQIA2S+ affirming care, and I'm committed to helping clients of all genders, sexual identities, and expressions feel safe and welcome. My goal is to empower you to trust yourself and create the shifts in your life that you're looking for.

I incorporate various approaches in my work with clients including:

  • mindfulness

  • self-compassion

  • inner child healing

  • somatic/body-based tools

  • trauma sensitive practices


All therapists utilize different approaches, and each client’s journey is unique. Throughout the therapeutic process I'll offer different tools, perspectives, and techniques. You get to choose what resonates with you and what doesn't! This healing journey is yours. I'll do my best to work together with you, and to encourage you to honor what feels most aligned for you.

How I Can Help.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Fun Facts About Me:

-I love romantic comedies.

-I have a cat named Mooka who gives the best cuddles.

-I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, both from the University of Arkansas.

-I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP).

-Two of my happy places are: the gym, or sitting by a river. :)

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